Principal's Message

‘Education is not learning of facts, but the training of mind to think’. Albert Einstein

The purpose of education for all individuals is to learn and grow as better people and everyone in this sector nèeds to make an effort to work together to achieve this common goal. The need of the hour is to help our children become independent thinkers and develop integrated personalities.

Our purpose is to prepare our students for the real world. We, at St. Columbus believe that the value of learning is measured not by how much you know, but by how well you can apply what you know. We believe that education for the real world is about embracing the unknown and putting forth novel proposals to problem solving.

At St. Columbus we all, be it students, parents & teachers work hand in hand unitedly to achieve success throught the best learning outcomes. Our children are capable today, they accept challenges in a positive way, they just want an opportunity to prove their calibre.

Mrs. Sreelekha V.M.